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[Review] 10243 - Parisian Restaurant


Review of the 10243 -  Parisian Restaurant
Reference: 10243
Name: Parisian Restaurant
Year Released: 2014
Parts: 2469
Price LEGO®: €159.99
Price per Piece: 6.47 cents of EUR per piece
Instructions: 3 booklets A4
Stickers: No
Minifigs: 5 (and one mouse!)
Alternative Models: No
Part List: Yes

The people of at LEGO from the CEE Community Support have been so kind as to provide us with a set to review well ahead to its release date of the 1st of January of 2014. Well, lets get busy. :-)||

The first think that I've noticed was the size of the box. It's quite smaller than the regular modular buildings. Compared to the box from set 10218 Pet Shop, which is one of the smallest, it has exactly less 10cm in height. The parts are divided in several plastic bags numbered 1 to 4 and the instruction manuals are protected with the usual cardboard.


This set has an excellent assortment of parts with highlights to the olive green and dark blue. With several brand new parts and in new colors as well. Better stil, for the new parts, a large quantity is provided. Ther are windows 60593 in reddish brown. The so much wanted scooter. The white croaissants. Inverted tiles. The new dark red domes that Jamie takes full advantage of using it in several places and with different in mind. That tan double "baby bow" also appears in dark blue. All in all, a huge stock of very good parts.

From the 5 minifigs provided in the set, 3 have printing on both sides of the torso. We can see some parts being reused in the minifigs like the hair from Luke Skywalker or the torso of master Sensei Wu from Ninjago.


The construction is truly delicious.  ;D

Full of small details, is without any doubt the most detailed modular building ever. All floors have furniture and some detail. The construction technics are bold using a lot of SNOTwiki. The new brackets are used wisely and without excess permitting amazing results.

Time flies by and, without you noticing it, the construction is finished.


Modular? Or maybe not. Despite being a fantastic set some details don't match quite well for the modular line.

The building is much narrower than any one of the previous modular sets, having just 12 studs in one of its sides. Not only that, but when you place it next to another one, it's much more placed in the back, with a full 10 studs from the beginning of the baseplate to the building's wall. This makes the integration with other modular quite unbalanced.

One other detail that doesn't quite add up is the window in the opposite side. As it includes technic pins to connect to other modular, this set cannot be considered a corner modular. So it's very strange the inclusion of that window since it will be covered up the modular building that you'll put next to it. o_0


Excellent! There is no way I can describe the wonder that is to construct this set. All the included details will provide hours after hours of playability. It's my personal opinion that this is probably the best set that LEGO ever produced. If I could only buy one set in 2014, this would be the one.


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