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Charter for the International Board - Fórum 0937
« em: 19 de Agosto de 2006, 23:16:58 »
Welcome to the International board for Fórum 0937!

This board intends to act as the contact point between LEGO fans from the portuguese speaking world, and everyone else who does not understand our language.

Whether you have just come across the forum and wish to leave us feedback, or you just want to ask for clarification about any of the discussions taking place in other boards, feel free to do so in here.

You are also welcome to post messages in this board if you are travelling and wish to meet up with members. This forum is based in Portugal, but it covers eight nations altogether (Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, East Timor, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Portugal and São Tomé e Príncipe) - you can't lose anything for trying, right?

Membership is required for full access to the forum; the terms of service have not yet been translated, but I expect to do that in a very short while. I will post them here, as a reply to this post.

English is the primary language within this board; Portuguese is to be used elsewhere in the forum. We do not forbid other languages outright, but two conditions are required for acceptance:
  • Prior contact, in English, with the board moderator: if he/she understands the language you request, it can be accepted. Otherwise, posts in other languages will be deleted (sorry!).
  • That you and everyone else posting in said language abide by the terms of service - which will NOT be translated to other languages (aside from English) by the moderator, even though you are welcome do it yourself if you like.
In any case, bear in mind that English is the most universal language, and that if you choose other languages, you may get few answers. We discourage the practice of having too many sub-groups based on linguistic skills (after all, the idea is to reach as many people as possible!)

Have fun!


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Terms of Service, in English
« Responder #1 em: 23 de Agosto de 2006, 16:08:12 »
  • This forum is not related to the LEGO Company: it is made by the fans, and for the fans.
  • This forum was created to share ideas related to the LEGO hobby.
  • The forum's maintenance is the responsibility of the Administrator, who may resort to all appropriate means for that end (including the resource to external sponsors)
  • Registration implies knowledge and acceptance of these terms of service:
    • The participation is voluntary and free of charge. Access to personal data is restricted to members, and even in this case with some restrictions. According to Portuguese law, no personal data will be provided to third parties without express consent of the members.
    • Each member may express his/her ideas freely, within the limits of legality and politeness: any incitement to violence or crime, insults or abuse of foul language will be considered a violation; punishment for any violation depends solely on Administrator criteria.
    • The Administrator may remove any content which is deemed offensive, including (but not limited to): pornography, political or religious material, SPAM, advertising.
    • In doubt, it is the member's responsibility to ask BEFORE posting.
    • The forum has a Trade board, which intends to separate this activity from the other subjects. That board is the only one where posting of auctions, sales, trades, or intent to buy is allowed; also, it is the sole board where (non-vinculative) appraisals can be requested. In this section, like in all the forum, posting of unauthorized shop adverts (apology, mention, links, etc.) is not allowed (the Administrator grants such permits). The posting of commercial newsletters is forbidden, and the systematic repetition of ads is strongly discouraged. Other specific norms may be found within this board (please request translation if needed).
    • The forum and its Administrators are not responsible for the posted contents; should a breach of rules occur, and because there is a forcible time lapse between violation and detection, the forum is unable to guarantee a deadline for removal of offensive content. Members therefore accept they may inadvertently be exposed to said content as a result.
    • Any ideas members may have to improve the forum should be submitted to the Administrator, who may or may not submit them to vote.
    • Discussions which drift towards non-LEGO subjects may be closed by the Administrator - in which case, it will be suggested they continue through other more suitable channels.
    • There are restricted sections in the forum; their access conditions will be specified on the entry page.
  • Members accept:
    • not to inhibit or restrict other members' access to the forum;
    • not to post anonymously;
    • not to assume false identities;
    • not to leak members' personal data;
    • not to publish material that infringes Copyright laws;
    • not to assume false connections to the LEGO Company and its subsidiaries, nor mislead through use of registered trademarks in the signature, for instance;
    • not to re-post identical messages repeatedly;
    • not to post material that contains viruses, worms, or other malicious components.
  • New members are kindly requested to introduce themselves upon admission. Older members are requested to refrain from the usual welcoming messages after the first, in order to avoid bandwidth waste. For non-portuguese introductions: please resort to the "International" board.
  • Members are requested to "purge" their texts from all non-relevant content, namely, integral quotes, or repeated signatures.
  • Members are invited to ask to previous texts in the beginning of the page; in case "item-to-item" answers are used, please intertwine quotes in a readable form.
  • Having verified the presence in the forum of at least one TLC employee, it is the Administrator's responsibility to protect both TLC and member from hypothetical conflicts of interest. As such:
    • TLC employees can be members in two different qualities: regular LEGO enthousiast, or LEGO representative;
    • Should TLC be interested in appointing a representative for this forum, he/she should create an account for this purpose, in which the signature identifies him/her as such (for instance: Mr X, LEGO-community liaison)
    • The same individual may have a "personal" account and a "LEGO-representative" account without that being considered as an identity duplication; this exception is only valid for members whose links to LEGO can be verified by the Administrator
    • Opinions expressed in this forum by TLC employees as mere enthousiasts do not bind TLC under any circumstance;
    • Information posted by a TLC employee as such will be considered public domain

The enforcement of these Terms of Service by the Administrator is not liable for appeal.

15/8/2006 (original text)
2/10/2006 (text added)
Original Portuguese text compiled and adapted by Pedro Silva, with advice from Luís and Tânia Baixinho; Translated by Pedro Silva.
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