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Brick Transport Tycoon (LUGPOL's annual contest hosted by Nexus 7)
« em: 25 de Setembro de 2007, 17:01:45 »

In response to your questions about BTT contest, I publish some English information about this event. This text was written by Nexus 7, few months ago and describes the 2006 edition.

Can you imagine building contest that is new, fresh, exciting, involving many people with various skill levels, promoting team work, offering a lot of fun for 12 weeks? Well … I can!
Let’s face it – building contest is a very well known, by which I mean widely used, hence loosing its appeal; concept that could use some face lifting. Of course, there are some great contests that earned well deserved respect and have been truly exciting international AFOL community for several years, such as CCC. I’m talking about your average user group or club contest. I would like to share my experience with LUGPOL’s BTT contest that took place in autumn 2006.
I had several assumptions in mind working on the rules. Firstly the contest needed to be fun! It sounds obvious enough yet is often forgotten. Competitiveness is important, wining is great, but taking part and having fun by everyone is what it should be all about. Secondly it would be great if many people could take part in various aspects and stages of the whole affair.
Thirdly - how about team work? If we could give our participants a chance to work together it would help consolidate community, force them to interact.
And a last thing I wanted to achieve was a fun and excitement lasting for several weeks.
Having set these assumptions I crunched few ideas and came up with following rules:

Basic rules:

1. The game includes 6 consecutive stages. Each stage lasts two weeks
2. There are at least 3 different challenges in each stage
3. Each challenge requires building the mean of transportation and the load carried by it.
4. Only new, never before published models can enter
5. After each stage all the game participants vote for the best model of the stage
The winner of the stage gets 5 points, second place – 4 points, third place – 3 points, fourth – 2 points, all other places – 1 point
6. There are challenges with extra bonus points. Some challenges require cooperation between players.
7. Player with most points after six stages is be a winner.

The whole contest (game) was scheduled for twelve weeks and divided into six stages. This concept gave us 3 months of constant fun and excitement: every two weeks we had to choose the best entry from previous stage and start working on new challenges. After twelve weeks we had grand finale where we announced overall winner (Jerac) and additional contest for the best MOC from all 6 stages (Jerac won again!)

In every stage there where at least 4 different challenges, everyone could find interesting theme. I will present few examples of challenges later. Some challenges had special conditions and gave extra bonus points.
One of the most important aspects of our game was narrative character. Firstly, we presented challenges including as much background as possible. Secondly we encouraged players to present their entries in a same way. Results were very interesting. Virtually no entries were presented without some sort of interesting description. In extreme cases we were treated to whole stories presented as comic strips, journals etc. This gave authors deeper sense of connection with their creations and greater understanding to observers.
Another interesting point is cooperation between players. How can you make contestants cooperate if the object of the game is to compete? I hear you cry. That’s the point. Our contest is not ONLY about competing; it’s ALSO about having good time while building LEGO creations.

Examples of challenges:
Simple: 20ft container.
Near future. For Christmas season TLG released fantastic new Model Team set. It was decided that this set will be unveiled in LEGO store in Warsaw. Your challenge is to transport standard 20ft container from Billund (Denmark) to Warsaw (Poland)
Fantasy variant: several big wooden crates to be transported on a 500 miles distance.
Sci-Fi variant: 20 ft container to be transported from planets surface to low parking orbit.
Interesting entry:

Cooperation challenge: Convoy!
I’m heading east seventy eight, there are several of us around mile four, we have convoy! We are looking for more. We are also on channels nine and twelve. Globeliner over and out.
In this challenge you have to cooperate. Your convoy needs at least 3 vehicles built by at least two players. Vehicles must by of the same type and scale (i.e. trucks 8 wide). Each vehicle needs a load.

Interesting entry:

Difficult challenge: Age of Great discoveries
Middle of XVI century. Europeans discovered many, previously unknown places on Earth, met new civilizations. Your challenge is to build a XVI century, non-European civilization vehicle capable of transporting 500 kg load. Remember, some of these civilizations didn’t use wheel!

Interesting entry:

Difficult challenge: Twins
Your challenge is to build two identical vehicles capable of transporting each other. Simple as this.

Interesting entry:

Bonus challenge: Contraband
- Don Alfredo! You want me to do what? Move „can’t tell you what” from “can’t tell you where” to “can’t tell you where again”? Why would I want to do that?
- Because what I can tell you is how much I’m paying.
- I see … And If I say yes and then decide that I don’t like the details …?
Don Alfredo didn’t bother to answer. He didn’t have to, he just looked. His look was colder then empty tomb in a middle of winter.

Should you decide to choose this challenge you’ll be given detailed rules. Once you take on this challenge you can’t swap it for another one. There’s one bonus point for successful entries in this challenge.

Few brave players who decided to give it a go received these rules:

- I’m glad you made up your mind – you could detect anything except joy in Don Alfredo’s voice – you’ll help me with big trouble.
- I’m scared already
- I need you to smuggle two of my boys out of the town
- I knew it! Big trouble … for me!
Your challenge is to smuggle two people. You’ll need to build a vehicle with hidden compartment. On one picture you’ll need to show empty vehicle with no visible hidden compartment. On a second picture you’ll show open compartment with two people inside.

Interesting entry:

Very important part of the game was involvement of many people on various stages. Before we even started we’d had a big discussion were final rules were created. During the game we invited all observers to take part in voting for the best entry after each stage. Several people contributed their ideas for challenges, some were fantastic and we used them in the game.

What about prizes? you may rightly ask. We did have prizes, but we are really excited about this year prize. We decided that this year prize is going to be … best MOC from last year edition. We are going to give away Jerac’s fantastic Space Garbage Truck. We don’t want Jerac to part with his creations so we are going to provide this year winner with building instruction and set of bricks.

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Re: Brick Transport Tycoon (LUGPOL's annual contest hosted by Nexus 7)
« Responder #1 em: 25 de Setembro de 2007, 17:14:48 »
If this feels like fun to you, on behalf of Nexus (who is extremely busy right now) I would like to invite you to 5th stage of BTT 2007, as  "guest" contestants. I guess the hosts will prepare some special tasks for us all :-)


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Re: Brick Transport Tycoon (LUGPOL's annual contest hosted by Nexus 7)
« Responder #2 em: 25 de Setembro de 2007, 18:09:46 »
Thanks for posting these ;)

I don't think I'll be able to participate but I sure did like the creations highlighted from the last edition, really high level building!

I'll do my best to keep up with your progress
Pedro Agnelo


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Re: Brick Transport Tycoon (LUGPOL's annual contest hosted by Nexus 7)
« Responder #3 em: 25 de Setembro de 2007, 20:57:01 »
Great contest and the use of groups to make one creation is a good way to join the community.


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Re: Brick Transport Tycoon (LUGPOL's annual contest hosted by Nexus 7)
« Responder #4 em: 26 de Setembro de 2007, 11:19:25 »
Very nice contest! Very good idea, a team, it cuold work for me and Baixinho ;D
Not now, I'm doing all I can to beat you in CCC :P
boas construções!