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Política de fugas de informação ou "leaks"
« em: 23 de Janeiro de 2011, 15:37:54 »
Recentemente surgiram algumas questões referentes à fuga de informação ou as famosas leaks que nós estamos constantemente à espera para sabermos mais depressa as notícias, as imagens e começar a especular e falar sobre os novos produtos.
Sobre isso foi feita uma clarificação dessa informação e como deve ser tratada, por favor leiam.

"Hi all, I will try to give you some explanation but it is a difficult matter to solve and to find a way and define guidlines that will help you 100%. Attached you can find our latest one pager about leaks and what to do if these leaks occure.

Basically we considder all information (pictures and/or set information like name, number, price) that come out before the official release date as leaks but if this information gets out late in time it will not harm the LEGO Company as much as if it comes out early. To define late and early - late would mean earliest 1 month before half year lauch (December 1st and June 1st) - from that date on we as the Community team are allowed to share information for the upcomming half year without approval from the Leadership team. Early would be everything before that.

Regarding IP (Intellectual property) sets like Star Wars, Disney... the rules are a little different especially if the LEGO sets could give information about upcomming new films - these need to be hold sometimes a longer time confidetial as our own designs because of rights and contracts and different launch times.

A third group would be our own LEGO [email protected] Exclusive sets we would like to keep confitendial until we can present them (mostly all sets on AFOL events) to the community and we always make presentation plans but unfortunately the information about the sets leak in a lot of cases before the set presentation which is sad for the Event we promised to present the set on.

When a leak occurse somewhere we try to close the leak asap but as you all know that is almost impossible because if something first has hit the internet it is spread everywhere and very hard to stop. This can only be done with your help.

So if you see any pictures with water mark on please do not share them or remove them immediately - same is for set information from non released sets.

Regarding advantages or penaltys - if a community again and again publish watermarked pictures we will most likely work less together with this community then with other communities who are not doing that but on the other hand there are only a few members that publish the pictures and we do not want to punish the whole community - so that is a very thin line to go.

But mostly we have very good contacts to a lot of communities and they help us a lot to take pictures down if they occure somewhere because a lot of the AFOLs are very tired of all the leaked information at that the set presentations are destroyed through people who put all information out on the web without thinking about that.

Inside LEGO we have formed a Leak group where people from Product design, Marketing, Legal Department, IT, Security and me from Community Development are sitting together and try to learn and close the leaks because at the end all leaks origin is inside the LEGO Group somehow and we give our best to close those places where the leaks might com from.

So please feel free to share the attached document with your communities and it would be fantastic if all LUGs would take these rules as part of their guidlines and obey them but of course I can understand that there is and never will be a guearantee for that not a single member post a leaked pictures somewhere.



Clarification of leak policies
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Re: Política de fugas de informação ou "leaks"
« Responder #1 em: 03 de Janeiro de 2014, 11:34:30 »
A LEGO volta a chamar a atenção sobre este assunto através do blog da equipa CEE. Fica aqui um link para o PDF sobre a política da LEGO sobre este assunto: