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Título: Charter for the International Board - Fórum 0937
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Welcome to the International board for Fórum 0937!

This board intends to act as the contact point between LEGO fans from the portuguese speaking world, and everyone else who does not understand our language.

Whether you have just come across the forum and wish to leave us feedback, or you just want to ask for clarification about any of the discussions taking place in other boards, feel free to do so in here.

You are also welcome to post messages in this board if you are travelling and wish to meet up with members. This forum is based in Portugal, but it covers eight nations altogether (Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, East Timor, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Portugal and São Tomé e Príncipe) - you can't lose anything for trying, right?

Membership is required for full access to the forum; the terms of service have not yet been translated, but I expect to do that in a very short while. I will post them here, as a reply to this post.

English is the primary language within this board; Portuguese is to be used elsewhere in the forum. We do not forbid other languages outright, but two conditions are required for acceptance:
In any case, bear in mind that English is the most universal language, and that if you choose other languages, you may get few answers. We discourage the practice of having too many sub-groups based on linguistic skills (after all, the idea is to reach as many people as possible!)

Have fun!
Título: Terms of Service, in English
Enviado por: El_gordo em 23 de Agosto de 2006, 16:08:12

The enforcement of these Terms of Service by the Administrator is not liable for appeal.

15/8/2006 (original text)
2/10/2006 (text added)
Original Portuguese text compiled and adapted by Pedro Silva, with advice from Luís and Tânia Baixinho; Translated by Pedro Silva.